How To Place An Order

Pilot Rock Park, Street and Camp Site Products are available directly from R.J. Thomas Mfg. Company, Inc.  We do not sell our commercial quality products through any retail store system.

Buy Now
The Buy Now section of our web site includes a selection of products that you can order immediately online (without using the Quote-To-Order process). Buy Now orders will ship by UPS, usually within 14 calendar days, and are limited to a maximum of (6) items per order.  All Buy Now purchases must be completed with a credit card.

We offer a convenient 2-step quotation to order process, which allows you to place your order online. Begin by completing the Quote Cart Request Price Quotation (RFQ) form, or configure your own product, add it to the Quote Cart and then submit the RFQ.

We will respond with confirmed unit pricing and the best possible shipping rates. You will then have the opportunity to complete your order with the convenience of a credit card, purchase order, or with payment by check (we do not ship C.O.D.).

There are several different ways to place an order depending on the type of customer you are. After reading the following information, if you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at 800-762-5002 (or 712-225-5115), Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Central Time, or e-mail Customer Service.

Government Buyers
City, County, State and Federal Agencies: If you received a Price Quotation from us by e-mail, you can complete your order online with a government credit card or a purchase order number, by using our convenient 2-step ordering process. If you choose to order using a purchase order, then we do request that you send us a copy of your PO with a confirming signature, or simply print out our order form (after submitting it online), sign it and return it to us by mail or fax.

Or, place your order by telephone by calling our Customer Service Dept. at 800-762-5002, and use your credit card or purchase order number. We will request a confirming PO, or we can fax to you our Sales Order Acknowledgment for your signature.

Terms are Net 30 Days with a government purchase order. We also accept all government credit cards.

Federal Government Buyers Only
Go to Information on GSA Contracts for more information you may want before placing your order.

Business, Campground, School, Service Organization, Church Buyers, Contractors
If you have received a Price Quotation from us by e-mail, you can complete your order online with a credit card by using our convenient 2-step ordering process. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card and American Express credit cards.

If your business or organization has an account with us with pre-approved credit, you can place your order by completing our 2-step ordering process with a purchase order number. We request that you then confirm your order in one of two ways: by mailing or faxing to us a copy of your signed purchase order; or by printing out our order form (after submitting it online), signing it and returning a copy to us by mail or fax. Or, we can send you our Sales Order Acknowledgment for your signature. Terms are Net 30 Days with an approved purchase order.

All first time orders are required to be paid prior to shipping. You can use our 2-step ordering process to place your order online and select payment by check. Then, simply print out a copy of our order form and return it along with your payment. We will accept personal or business checks, cashiers checks or money orders (we do not ship C.O.D.). After your first order, you will have the option to open an account by completing a credit application. This process can take 30-45 days. Once a credit limit has been established, your business or organization will be able to buy on Net 30 Day terms up to your credit limit.

Private Individuals
Private individuals are required to pay prior to shipping their order. This can be accomplished in one of two ways. By using our 2-step ordering process you can complete your order by selecting payment by credit card. Or, you can select payment by check and submit your order online. Then print a copy of the order form and send it along with your payment. We accept personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders.

Shipping & Delivery
We will ship your order by the most practical and economical way available to us, unless you provide specific alternative instructions with your order.

Most Pilot Rock Park Products must ship by commercial truck freight. A few items when ordered individually can ship by United Parcel Service. But on quantity orders, truck freight is usually more economical. Customer Service can inform you of freight costs and which type of carrier will be used.

When your order is shipped by commercial truck freight, we must have a "ship to" address which can accept and unload palletized or packaged freight. The truck driver is not required to off load your freight, so you must provide other means or personnel. Truck freight delivery to residential addresses is often not available, and it is always more expensive. Therefore, we recommend shipping to a business address or to a local freight terminal. NOTE: If you require additional freight services, such as pre-notification, lift gate or inside delivery, there will be EXTRA CHARGES if these services are available at your destination. You must contact our Customer Service Dept. for information on the costs and availability of these additional services. In all cases, freight truck or UPS, we must have a physical street address to successfully ship your product.

Delivery, after receiving your order (ARO), can vary with the order size and with the season of the year. Our GSA Price Schedules (for federal buyers only) obligate us to ship within certain time frames. Much of the year we will ship your order within 30 days ARO (possibly less on some products). However, during the very busy spring and summer seasons, our lead times can extend to 45 days, and sometimes 60 days ARO. Please keep these lead times in mind when scheduling your order. Customer Service can advise you about the current lead times. Remember, you must add freight carrier in-transit time to our lead times to calculate the anticipated delivery date.

If you still have questions about how to place an order, please feel welcome to call our Customer Service Department at 800-762-5002 or 712-225-5115 anytime Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Central Time, or send an e-mail message.

If you would like to request a catalog and price list, please call or go to Request A Catalog.

If you would like a price and freight quotation on some of our Pilot Rock products, please call Customer Service Dept. at 1-800-762-5002, or go to Request Price Quotation.

To contact us by mail, please send all purchase orders, confirmations, payment checks, or correspondence to:
R.J. Thomas Mfg. Company, Inc.
PO Box 946
Cherokee, IA 51012-0946
Phone: 712-225-5115 or 800-762-5002
Fax: 712-225-5796

Thank you for your interest in Pilot Rock Park Equipment. We do appreciate it.

Since product improvements are always being made, we reserve the right to change designs, specifications and discontinue products without notice. Where changes have been made, revised products will be shipped unless specific arrangements have been made to the contrary.


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