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Featured Items
SKW: B400/B410::
Use a custom sign as the backrest to advertise an event or business. CLICK TO SEE MORE.
Model ASW-20 B2 with Optional S6 Swivel Shelf
This grill meets the ADA guidelines for accessibility and operability.
SKW: T104
Portable, 48" round table. Each CURVED seat has 2 support legs. Perforated Steel.
The bicycle shape is something that everyone will recognize as bike parking.
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Infinitely Adjustable Cooking Grate Operation

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Two Sign Benches Offer Custom Advertising

These benches allow custom signs to be easily installed and replaced. Honor donations and organizations, celebrate holidays, promote businesses, events, and sports teams.

Model PCXB3/G-15AL Athletic Bench Model PCXB/G-8HR Bench with Custom Lettering PCXB/CW-8UP SCXB/CA-6VN B120 Series Contemporary Benches SAB/P/CA-4HR10 B82/CE-6SS WMB3/G-8VU12 B410/G-8VR Sign Bench


Slow down and sit a spell!

Pilot Rock park benches from RJ Thomas Mfg. provide a comfortable place to sit in a wide selection of styles and materials.  Sophisticated streetscape benches, public park and trailside benches, mall and patio benches, recreational and athletic field and locker room benches, and rustic campsites, Pilot Rock has a bench for you and your space. 

We offer benches designed to suit your needs with steel, recycled plastic, and wood. A wheelchair accessible bench that meets ADA guidelines and a bench designed for custom signage are also available.  Our recycled plastic components, powder coated steel, and thermoplastic coated steel products are offered in a wide palette of colors.  Each of our benches featured here can be configured with the features to suit your needs. 

Made in the USA by RJ Thomas Mfg Co since 1959, these benches are a popular part of the total Pilot Rock park, camp, and streetscape equipment product line.  

Pilot Rock benches can help you enjoy the outdoors.


Plastic Bench, 4 ft. or 6 ft. long, flat or with backrest. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Park Bench meets Accessibility Guidelines

B102/CB-6 Design 3

All steel fabrication, two seat choices, many color choices. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


This simple and adaptable flat bench can be used for any sport and activity. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


A rugged flat bench designed for activities where you need a permanent location. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Our Most Versatile Bench. Stationary. Portable. Many lengths. Many materials. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


This bench design is light weight and can be moved or anchored on site.


A contemporary design with armrests and a comfortable contour or flat bench seat. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Contour Park Benches can be portable or stationary.


This Contour Park Bench provides a permanent location.


This traditional looking bench uses ornate, cast iron frames.


Cast iron end frames, your choice of seat materials and colors. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


A streetscape or park bench with comfortable circular armrests. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Cast iron end frames, your choice of seat materials and colors. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Cast aluminum frames. Recycled plastic seats. Flat or with Backrest. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


A popular bench style using powder-coated or plastic-coated steel seats. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


A popular bench style using lumber or recycled plastic seat timbers. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Use a custom sign as the backrest to advertise an event or business. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


For streetscapes, parks or anywhere you need a durable, comfortable bench. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Flat bench or with a backrest and inlaid redwood or recycled plastic. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Teams pack a lot of gear! This bench provides room for the players and their stuff.


This flat bench can be portable or stationary.


This flat bench has a permanent installation.


A natural for pools, locker rooms, entry ways, rec centers. CLICK TO SEE MORE.