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SKW: ULT-2::
18" x 48" table on a single embedded or surface mount pedestal.
A secure and stationary 6 or 8 ft table using 100% recycled plastic Timbers in your choice of color.
Keep bears out of your food supply when camping.
N2-2032 B2
SKW: N2-2032
Twin adjustable grates, Two fireboxes. Lots of grilling options!
Featured Videos
Picnic Table Strength Comparison

We demonstrate the strength of Pilot Rock steel picnic tables vs. a competitor's copy
Infinitely Adjustable Cooking Grate Operation

See how our Infinitely Adjustable Cooking Grate operates on A-20, B-24, C2-36 and D2-48 series grills.
Two Sign Benches Offer Custom Advertising

These benches allow custom signs to be easily installed and replaced. Honor donations and organizations, celebrate holidays, promote businesses, events, and sports teams.
Compare a Pilot Rock Swivel Grate to an Import

The swivel grate handle on the Pilot Rock FSW fireing is NEVER over the fire.

Accessible Camp Fire Rings Campfire Rings with Infinitely Adjustable Cooking Grate Accessible Campfire Ring with Single Level Cooking Grate FS-30/9/TB Single Level Cooking Grate Fire Ring Large Group FS-48/9/AL Campfire Ring FS Series Campfire Rings with Single Level Cooking Grate

Campfire Rings

The campfire! A camping tradition since… well, forever. 

No matter what you call it -a fire ring, a fire pit, a firering grill or even a ground grill - the Pilot Rock campfire ring from R.J. Thomas Mfg. offers you the pleasure of enjoying the campfire plus the ability to cook over the open fire.  Our firerings are heavy gauge rolled steel with a top flange for added strength against the campfire heat.  The included cooking grate on each firering is double welded solid steel bars, designed to withstand the abuse of the campfire and the public in the parks and campgrounds. 

Firerings come in sizes for smaller tent camping sites up to large group party areas, plus we offer many wheelchair accessible campfire rings. 

Don't need the cooking grate? Then you need one of our FX Series campfire rings. They are the same rolled and flanged steel ring, but do not include a cooking grate.

Pilot Rock campfire rings are a great way to Enjoy the Outdoors!

Click here for instructions on how to season the cooking grate and care for your Pilot Rock campfire ring.


These Campfire Rings are designed to meet ADA guidleines for accessiblity. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

S5 Firering Utility Shelf

Add accessories to further customize your campfire ring. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


These Campfire Rings feature the original infinitely adjustable cooking grate. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Four Diameters for FS Series Firerings

These Campfire Rings feature a single-level cooking grate. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


These Campfire Rings feature a swivel cooking grate. CLICK TO SEE MORE.


Same steel firering, but does not have a cooking grate CLICK TO SEE MORE.


This Campfire Ring features a cooking grate that can be adjusted to 4 levels


This Campfire Ring offers a cooking grate on one side and an area just for a campfire