O-34 Large Group Campfire Ring

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Model: O-34

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Model O-34 campfire ring is a larger ring that offers a choice: build a large campfire in the front section, or build a smaller cooking fire under the grate.  Built for large groups, this campfire ring includes a 510 sq. inch single level cooking grate, hinged to tip over the fire or out of the ring.  Cooking height is 9".  The ring is built from 1/4" thick steel plate reinforced with a 3/16" x 1-1/4" angle iron.  The cooking grate assembly includes: 1/4" thick flat steel bar perimeter frame; 1/2" dia. grate bars; 5/8" dia. handle bar with coiled steel bar grips.  Tip back anchor pins secure the unit in place.  Anchors must be set in concrete.  The other anchor system available is the angle spade tip back anchors.  This system is similar to the tip back anchors, but does not require the use of concrete.

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