Drop In Grate for Campfire Ring

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Model: DIG-U2

Product Description

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Model DIG-U2 is a Removable Cooking Grate for your firering or fire pit.

When you want to grill over your campfire just place Model DIG-U2 “drop in” grate across your steel firering or other brick or block fire pit.  Lift if off when you are done cooking.

Model DIG-U2 drop in cooking grate is fabricated from a single piece of 10 ga. thick steel plate, and laser cut to form the shape and grate bars. Die-formed edge flanges and welded on grate support strips add more strength.  It is finished with high temp non-toxic black enamel paint. This unit ships fully assembled.

The 1/2-inch diameter handle bars are permanently attached, and lay flat when not in use.

Cooking area dimensions are: 21-1/2” x 15-1/4”;  328 sq. inches total.

Overall dimensions: 36-1/2” long x 15-1/4” wide. Weight: 23 lbs.

Model DIG-U2 will fit:

  • Round Firerings and Fire Pits: 27” -  31” inside diameter.
  • Square Fire Pits: 23” – 27” inside dimension.

Model DIG-U2 drop in grate will work with steel rings or stone/concrete fire pits.

Use this grate with your backyard firepit and pack it with you when you go picnicking or camping.

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