Model ANC3-4 Anchor Kit

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Model: ANC3-4

Product Description

Series Overview

Model ANC3-4 Anchor Kit has four 3/8" x 3" screw anchors for concrete surface installation.  This kit is recommended for the following products:


  • Model PAB Atheletic Bench - Round Post Surface Mount 
  • Model SAB/P Athletic Bench - Round Post Stationary Mount with Base Plate
  • Model PCXB Channel Bench - Portable/Surface Mount
  • Model B40 Silver Sioux Flat Bench - Portable/Surface Mount
  • Model B42 Silver Sioux Contour Bench - Portable/Surface Mount
  • Model B60 Riverview Flat Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B62 Riverview Contour Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B76 Riverview All Steel Flat Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B78 Riverview All Steel Contour Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B80 Gillette Flat Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B82 Gillette Contour Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B100 Amherst Flat Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B102 Amherst Contour Bench - Surface Mount
  • Model B120 Contemporary Flat Steel Bench - Portable/Surface Mount
  • Model B122 Contemporary Contour Steel Bench - Portable/Surface Mount
  • Model B130 Square Frame Flat Bench
  • Model B132 Square Frame Contour Bench
  • Model B400 Sign Bench with Contour Seating - Surface Mount
  • Model B410 Sign Bench with Classic Seating - Portable/Surface Mount
  • Model B412 Sign Bench with Classic Seating - Surface Mount with Base Plate
  • Model BC3000 Park Avenue Flat Bench - 4', 5' and 6'
  • Model BC4000 Park Avenue Contour Bench - 4', 5' and 6'


  • Model HRP Hitchin' Post Bike Rack
  • Model SRP-3 Saddleback Bike Rack
  • Model SRP-5 Saddleback Bike Rack
  • Model SRP-7 Saddleback Bike Rack
  • Model SRP-9 Saddleback Bike Rack
  • Model SRP-11 Saddleback Bike Rack
  • Model BR310DS Versatile Vertical Bike Rack with "Wheel" End Frames


  • Model T600 Caterpillar Picnic Table - 6' amd 8'
  • Model T702 Square Frame Picnic Table - Requires 3 kits
  • Model TQ704 Square Frame Square Picnic Table - Requires 5 kits


  • Model CN-OKR Oak Knoll Trash Receptacle (Note: 1 kit is included with receptacle)
  • Model CN-R/SS2-36 Round Receptacle - Vertical Steel Straps
  • Model CN-R/SP2-32 Round Receptacle - Cut Steel Plate
  • Model CN-R/R Round Receptacle - Perforated Steel
  • Model CN-R/D Round Receptacle - Expanded Steel
  • Model CN-Q/D-32 Square Receptacle - Expanded Steel
  • Model CN-Q-36 Square Steel Frame and Inlay Receptacle
  • Model CN-AMR-32 Amherst Round Receptacle
  • Model CN-AMR-ASH Amherst Round Ash Receptacle
  • Model CN-AMQ-32 Amerherst Square Receptacle
  • Model CN-AMQ-ASH Amerherst Square Ash Receptacle
  • Model R/SS3-36 Vertical Wave Receptacle
  • Model R/SS3-ASH Vertical Wave Ash Receptacle 


  • Model XTX Utility Table - 6' and 8'
  • Model T700 Square Frame Utility Table - 6' and 8'
  • Model TQ700 Square Frame Square Utility Table


  • Model GS-5 Grill Station


  • Model P-22 Planter - Vertical Steel Straps
  • Model P-23 Vertical Wave Planter
  • Model P-30 Oak Knoll Planter

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