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Model: IO-30/8

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Model IO-30/8 “Octa-Ring” campfire ring is a bolt-together campfire ring designed to stand alone as a firering, or to fit a variety of fire pits as a steel insert.  The Octa-Ring can even be disassembled and taken on camping trips.

As a stand-alone firering, the Octa-Ring provides a solid 8-inch (nom.) tall fire barrier.

The bolt-together ring can also be used as a steel insert for fire pits with a 30-inch to 35-inch inside diameter.

The top flange is 3-7/8-inches wide and supports the ring when used as an insert. Or it serves as a work surface for the stand-alone firering application.

The firering is constructed of eight identical die-formed 12-ga. Steel panels with a 7-7/8-inch side height and a 3-7/8-inch formed flange.

The Octa-Ring panels are secured together by galvanized steel fasteners included with the kit.

Overall dimensions are 37-11/16-inches wide x 7-7/8-inches tall.

The firering side panels are finished with high-temp, non-toxic black enamel paint.

The complete kit ships in one box. Assembly is required. Firepit building blocks are not included.

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