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Model: ECSFB-2640

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Smoker Firebox Conversion Kit for EC-26 and EC-40 Covered Grills

Model ECSFB-2640 firebox kit will convert your Pilot Rock Model EC-26 or EC-40 charcoal grill into a smoker with an offset firebox and a manifold to deliver consistent and even smoke and heat into the covered grill.
Draft vents in the firebox and in the covered grill housing allow you to control the draft.

This firebox conversion kit can be installed permanently, or removed and installed again as desired, with only one bolt.

All steel construction, using 10 ga., 7 ga. and 14 ga. steel, angle iron and steel bar.  Finished with high temp non-toxic black enamel paint.  Made in the USA.

Ships in one box. Weight = 88 lbs. Assembly required. We suggest assembly and installation (or removal) by two persons.

Smoker firebox conversion kit includes:
1.8 cu. ft. firebox; sectional manifold, expanded steel fire basket for charcoal or wood; ash removal pan, high temp Nomex gasket smoker seal for grill cover, a thermometer for grill cover (installation is optional, requires drilling a hole); all fasteners for assembly.

Grill base post installation: When using the ECSFB-2640 with your EC covered grill, we recommend the standard B2 embedded post installation, or the optional B14 4-wheel caster base. Both will provide a stable platform for your grill and smoker.

This Model ECSFB-2640 smoker firebox conversion kit can be installed in existing EC grills in use, or purchased with new EC grills. It must be ordered separately.

The EC covered grill firebox is not insulated. So you may need to keep a larger fire burning to maintain the desired interior air temperature, especially in colder weather.

Before using your EC covered grill and Smoker Firebox Conversion Kit for the first time, you must season all components by building a fire and maintaining a smoker-level interior temperature for several hours.

Please Note: Cooking with a smoker is usually a very personal and passionate endeavor. Therefore, we choose not to make suggestions on what to smoke, what fuel to use, how long a cut of meat should be smoked, etc.  If you are a practiced bbq smoker then you can continue to follow your preferred recipes, temperatures and times.  If you are new to smoking, then we suggest you educate yourself about best practices with research on the internet, with smoking cookbooks or with other smoking enthusiasts.   

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