Trash & Recycling - Lids, Liners, Mounts, Decals

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Collecting trash … and recyclables … doesn’t have to be ugly.

We offer a complete line of trash lids and recycling lids, garbage cans and receptacle liners, and mounting systems to complete your collection system.

Plastic and steel lids come in a rainbow of colors to match or contrast with the receptacle color.  Lids can be flat or dome shapes and provide a variety of opening sizes to handle what you want to collect.  Specific decals can instruct your customers what to deposit through each lid.

The right lid and accessories for your trash and recycling containers will help make your program a success.  And with a clean facility everyone can Enjoy the Outdoors.

NOTE: For all dome and flat lids please confirm the Inside Diameter of the lid (I.D.) will fit the Outside Diameter (O.D.) of your receptacle. Some lids may fit more closely than others.

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