L-32 Multi-Level Campfire Ring

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Model: L-32

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Model L-32 campfire ring features a 300 sq. inch cooking grate that adjusts to 4 levels, from 2" to 8" above the ring height.  Construction includes 3/16" thick steel for the ring and adjustment panels.  The 1" formed flange reinforces the ring.  The 300 sq. inch cooking grate is welded together using 5/8" dia. handle/support bars with coiled steel grips, and 1/2" grate bars.  All grate bars are welded on both sides.  Tip back anchor pins (/TB) secure the campfire ring in place and allow it to tip up for easy clean up.  Anchor pins must be set in concrete.   Finished with high temp non-toxic black enamel paint.

OPTIONAL Anchor Systems:
Tip Back Spade Anchors (/TA) are 2 spades at the rear hinge point and buried in the ground. The firering can be tipped up.

Tip Back-Bolt Down Anchor Bracket (/TB-BD): this steel bracket will anchor your firering already equipped with tip back tabs (FA-30, FS-30, FSW-30, FSW/SL-30, FX-30 and L-32 series only) to an existing concrete surface. The firering will be able to tip up. The TB-BD bracket includes fasteners to attach it to the firering tabs. It does NOT include the (3) ½-inch anchor bolts.

OPTIONAL: Model S-5 Bolt-on Utility Shelf

 California's Proposition 65.

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