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Recent Microsft Exchange Server Breach Affected RJ Thomas Email

A Recent Microsoft Exchange Server Breach Affected R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co Email.

Recently the Microsoft Exchange Server email cloud service was exploited by hackers. You may have heard about it in the national news. At least thirty thousand customers of Microsoft cloud services, were affected by this breach. Mostly small businesses, towns, cities and local governments.

One of our email accounts was victimized. That account was quarantined until the problem was resolved. While quarantined, some automated invoices might not have been sent out properly. So, if you are expecting an email invoice or other correspondence from us, but have not received it, please check with your IT department to verify that our email domain (rjthomas.com) is not being blocked. At this time all of our email accounts are active and have been deemed safe to use. 

You are also welcome to contact us. We can provide the missing invoice or document by fax or an alternate email domain.  If your IT department has blocked our emails because of this Microsoft hack, we would appreciate the opportunity to resolve this issue with them and free up our emails for normal business correspondence.  Thank you.

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