Picnic Tables - Frame Kits Only

RJ Thomas Mfg, Celebrating 60 years!

Most Pilot Rock park benches and picnic tables are available as a Frame Kit only.  You provide the top/seat/backrest material from a local source.  Our Frame Kits include the frames, all braces (as each design requires) and all fasteners to assemble and attach the top/seat/backrest material.

When you buy just a Frame Kit you can reduce your freight costs because you provide your own lumber from a local source.  Our Frame Kits include assembly instructions and hole drilling patterns.

Made in the USA by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. since 1959. Enjoy the Outdoors.

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Frame Kit - Extra Heavy Duty Picnic Table - XT Series

Frame kits for standard, end or side access tables designed for heavy use areas. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Frame Kit - Heavy Duty Picnic Table - UT Series

Frame kits for standard, end or side access tables for most public applications. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Frame Kit - Kid's Rectangular Picnic Table - UTK Series

Same frame fabrication as the standard sized UT Series table, but sized for children.

Frame Kit - Kid's Square Picnic Table - SQTK Series

Fabricated to the same specifications as the standard sized SQT Series, but sized for children.

Frame Kit - Lighter Duty Picnic Table - BT Series

Combines galvanized steel tube framing with the economy of a bolt-together design. CLICK TO SEE MORE

Frame Kit - Multi-Pedestal Picnic Table - APT Series

Frame kit for standard tables and tables having ADA compliant end accessibility. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Frame Kit - Single Pedestal Picnic Table - PT Series

Frame kit for permanent and secure end accessible table with a single pedestal mount.

Frame Kit - Square, Pedestal Picnic Table - PQT Series

Frame Kits for secure standard or accessible square table with a pedestal frame. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Frame Kit - Square, Portable Picnic Table - SQT Series

Frame kits for standard or ADA compliant portable, square tables. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Frame Kit - Twin Pedestal Picnic Table - TPT Series

Frame kits for standard tables or tables with ADA compliant end access. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Frame Kit - Universal Access Extra Heavy Duty Picnic Tables - WXT Series

Frame kit for ADA compliant table accessible at both ends. Extra heavy duty.

Frame Kit - Universal Access Square Frame Picnic Table - WPTS Series

Frame kit for table that combines wheelchair access and portability to our double pedestal table.

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