Picnic Tables - Snow Load Rated

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 These Pilot Rock brand picnic tables have been designed to withstand high elevation snow loads as well as other extreme weight loads.  They have been tested by an independent lab and by a state university.  The testing results prove these steel frame tables are capable of withstanding weight loads up to 1420 lbs. per square foot.  In order to achieve this weight rating, these steel frame tables must be equipped with our V-Type expanded steel or H-Type perforated steel top and seat structures.

We also have a recycled plastic A-frame style picnic table, with steel bracing, that has been load tested to over 500 lbs. per sq. foot without failure.

Maybe it doesn't snow where you are? Just think how well these tables will withstand the public exposure in your parks, campgrounds, recreation centers and on the school campus!

Made in the USA by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. since 1959.

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