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Disinfectant Misting System - Complete Kit

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The DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Misting System is a complete, ready to use machine to apply disinfectant to most surfaces. Components of the mister are designed to atomize the water-based disinfecting mixture to a fine mist. This mist thoroughly coats the surface, won’t run off the surface and doesn’t require scrubbing or wiping. Just let it dry. There is no residue. Each mister comes with one gallon of Quat-San Sanitizer/Disinfectant. The DMS-TNT350 can be used inside or outside.

Pre-galvanized steel base plate won’t rust. Dimensions: 16.25 in. wide x 30.375 in. long.
2-gallon poly water tank.
Hose reel with locking pin and hand rewind; and 75 ft. of ¼-inch 3100 psi hose.
(2) spray guns (short, long), and (1) misting nozzle.
Electric high-pressure pump with 25 ft. long cord.
(1) gallon of Quat-San Sanitizer/Disinfectant concentrate.
(1) 4 oz. measuring cup (for the concentrate).
Fully assembled, ready to operate.
Start-up/operating instructions and parts manual.

Weight: Assembled (no water): 84 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 100 lbs. (boxed, one gallon of disinfectant, does not include pallet weight).
Box Dimensions: 31.25 x 16.75 x 15.25 inches.

Portable: The DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Misting System is assembled/installed on a pre-galvanized steel base plate, is portable and can be moved using a variety of different mobile devices: wheeled carts (see Option below), wagons, cargo area of side-by-sides, ATV’s and four-wheelers, pickup cargo beds. The 25 ft. power cord and 75 ft. hose will give you location flexibility and a wide area reach. Your own extension cord can be used for greater reach if necessary.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: The DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Misting System can be used inside or outside.

Quat-San No-Rinse Sanitizer/Disinfectant (from Crown Chemical Inc.): This product is an EPA registered sanitizer, disinfectant, virucide, mildewstat, cleaner and deodorizer for use in restaurants, bars, institutional kitchens, food handling and process areas. Can be used on hard, nonporous food contact areas.

The application is a mist that lightly coats the surface. Surfaces must remain wet for at least 1 minute, then allowed to air dry. No water rinse is necessary. Does not leave a residue. No wiping is required.  

This product in included on the EPA’s List N of disinfectants that meet the criteria for use against COVID-19.

Safety: Wear eye protection/face protection, protective gloves and clothing when operating the mister. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product/mister. Keep away from open flames and hot surfaces.

Refer to Crown Chemical Safety Data Sheet, and Quan-San Technical Data Sheet.

Dilution Rate: Only 1.50 oz. of Quat-San disinfectant per gallon of water. Because the disinfectant is applied as a mist, one gallon of mixture will last a long time and cover many surfaces.

Outdoor Uses: Apply to … picnic tables, park benches, trash receptacle lids, hand rails, playground equipment, charcoal grill handles, drinking fountains, door frames and handles/knobs, tools, common areas, food courts, public restrooms, vehicle interiors/controls/dashboard … Any hard, nonporous surface you want to disinfect.

Indoor Uses: Apply to … tables, chairs, benches, door frames and handles, railings, toys and recreation equipment, desks, windows, display cases, tools, counter tops, kitchen equipment, lunch rooms, locker rooms and equipment, keyboards, telephones … Any hard, nonporous surface you want to disinfect.

The pump and pressure combination provides the correct atomization of the mist to achieve as close to 100% coverage as possible, and do it quickly (to save you time).

OPTIONAL: Utility Cart, heavy duty plastic, 2 shelves, 4 wheels with brakes on two wheels, to carry the DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Misting system, bottle of disinfectant concentrate, other equipment. Assembly required. Top shelf is approximately 16.5 inches wide by 30.5 inches long. Model DMS-CART1630.

OPTIONAL: One case (4 one-gallon bottles) of Quat-San No-Rinse Sanitizer/Disinfectant concentrate for the DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Misting System. Model DMS-QUATSAN1X4.

Here is a partial list of places where the DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Misting System is currently being used:
Public Parks
Ambulance Services
Hospitals and Medical Offices
School Classrooms and Buses
Funeral Homes
Gyms and Rec Centers
Police Departments/Jails/Law Enforcement
Commercial Plants and Factories
Food Processing Plants
Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
Banks and Business Offices
Car Dealerships

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