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Lid - Round Plastic Dome With A Rounded Face for Recycling

Please make the following configuration choices:

Lid Color

Select the color for your receptacle lid.

Lid Size

Select the size of your receptacle lid.


Lid - Hole Size

Select the size of the hole in your recycling lid.

DECALS #1: Trash & Recycle

Select a Decal for your Recycling Lid; or for Hatch #1 on your BPRT bear resistant receptacle.

Model CN-PD Round Plastic Dome Recycling Lid is molded with a solid ROUNDED "door" panel.  It is available with a 24" or 27" diameter and either a 3" or 4-3/8" hole for depositing cans and bottles.  Choose from 8 colors.  A decal is included.

Note: For all lids, please confirm the inside diameter (I.D.) will fit the outside diameter of your receptacle.  Some lids may fit more closely than others.

Model Number Hole
I.D. O.D. Use with these Receptacle Holders
CN-PD-27PC1 3" 27-1/4" 27-3/4"  TRH-32, TRH-55 (fits on top ring),
 CN-R/R-52, CN-R/D-52, CN-R/R-55,
CN-PD-27PC5 4-3/8"
CN-PD-24PC1 3" 24" 24-1/2"  TRH-32, TRH-55 (fits on barrel inside),
 CN-AMR-32, CN-R/R-32, CN-R/D-32,
 CN-R/SS2-36, CN-R/SS2-36D, CN-EXP52, CN-R/SP2-32, CN-TR-52, CN-R/SS3-36
, RA's
CN-PD-24PC5 4-3/8"


  • Model DE-22 "Cans Only"  (We recommend 3" dia. hole)
  • Model DE-23 "Plastic Bottles Only"  (We recommend 4-3/8" dia. hole)
  • Model DE-24 "Cans & Bottles Only"  (We recommend 4-3/8" dia. hole)
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