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Square Ash Receptacles - Amherst Collection

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Amherst Series Ash Receptacles feature all steel and all welded construction for maximum durability.  They are built to withstand abuse by humans and nature.  Model CN-AMQ features a contemporary square design. 

Amherst Receptacles coordinate with our Amherst Benches and Amherst Trash and Recycling Receptacles.


Model CN-AMQ Ash Receptacle is fabricated with 10 ga. steel vertical and horizontal straps.  Three horizontal bands and the integral steel tube around the top provide more reinforcement than found on most similar receptacles.  The steel bottom braces include holes for surface anchors (Anchor bolts not included).  

Large capacity aluminum sand bowl is cabled to receptacle - it can be removed for cleaning, but it cannot be stolen.  The deep sand bowl helps protect the sand from wind.  An 8 lb. bag of sand is included.

FINISH: A powder coated finish is available in your choice of colors.  See Material Options.

OPTIONAL: Stationary, elevated mounting posts are available to secure the receptacles in place.  See Stationary Mounts.

OPTIONAL: Model ANC3-4 Anchor Kit is available for surface mounting.

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