Seasonal Anchors

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Model: M6/B

Product Description

Series Overview

Model M6/B Seasonal Anchors for ground level installation.  Four black enamel steel rods install through holes in cross braces of bottom frame ring and into ground.  Allows for relocation of trash receptacle to meet your seasonal needs.

Model M6/B fits: All TRH’s, All TRQ’s, CN-R/R-32, CN-R/D-32, CN-R/SP2-32, CN-Q/D-32/2, CN-AMR, CN-AMQ, CN-EXP52, CN-R/SS2-36, CN-R/SS3-36, CN-R/R-52, CN-R/D-52, CN-R/R-55, CN-R/D-55 receptacles.  Included with RA Series Arrays.


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