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Round Steel Dome Lid has a self-closing, spring loaded hatch.  Available with hot dip galvanized finish or in your choice of powder coat paint color.

Note: For all lids, please confirm the inside diameter (I.D.) will fit the outside diameter of your receptacle.  Some lids may fit more closely than others.

Model Number I.D. O.D. Use with these Receptacle Holders
CN-3434 21" 21-3/4"  Federal Duty 32 gallon galvanized can, CNG-WHD32C
CN-5555 23-3/4" 24-1/2"  TRH-32, TRH-55 (fits on barrel inside), CN-AMR-32,
 CN-R/R-32, CN-R/D-32, CN-R/SS2-36, CN-R/SS2-36D, CN-EXP52, CN-R/SP2-32, CN-TR-52, CN-R/SS3-36
, RA's,  55 gallon barrel
CN-2755 27-1/8" 27-1/4"  TRH-55, CN-R/R-52, CN-R/D-52, CN-R/R-55,

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