Model BPRT2 - Bear Resistant Trash and Recycling Receptacle - 2 Modules

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Model: BPRT2

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Select a Decal for your Recycling Lid; or for Hatch #1 on your BPRT bear resistant receptacle.
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Select a Decal for the second hatch cover on your BPRT2 or BPRT3 bear resistant receptacle.
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Model BPRT2 Bear Resistant Trash and Recycling Receptacle With 2 Modules is designed … and tested … to keep bears out.  It has been CERTIFIED by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committe (IGBC)  using the IGBC protocol.

 Trash Receptacle
 Model Number
  Certification Number
 BPRT1-36  #5106
 BPRT2-72  #5124
 BPRT3-108  #5107

The un-bear-able features include:

CONSTRUCTION: All welded heavy 12 ga. and 14 ga. steel fabrication with 7 ga. bracing.   Ships fully assembled.  Receptacle sits up off the ground for extended service life.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Includes two 36-gallon heavy duty rigid plastic liners.  Six-point surface anchor base with ½” x 5” concrete screw anchor bolts included.  Unit must be anchored to be bear resistant.

FRONT ACCESS DOORS: The front door design provides easier access to the liners inside and more installation location options.  The reinforced doors are mounted on a full length continuous hinges. Self-closing latches secure both doors at the top and bottom. A total of 4 latch points keep the doors tightly closed.

LARGE HATCH OPENING: 16-inch square hatches with full-width hinges open up for easy depositing of trash or recyclables. The top is sloped for easy access.  The commercial duty latch on each hatch is concealed under a steel guard designed to allow access to human hands, but to keep bear paws out.

DECALS:  Trash and/or recycling decals are included (please specify choice).  The decals are self adhesive with green lettering on white vinyl plastic.

FINISH: Brown textured powder coat finish is standard.  Or choose textured powder coat finish in your choice of green, black, speckled tan or blue.

OPTIONAL: Band-It trash bag loop to hold your trash bag on the rack.  See Band-It Loops.

OPTIONAL: Steel recycling plate installed under the hatch.  The plate is powder coated black.  Choose from 3" dia., 4-3/8" dia. or 5-7/8" dia. hole to meet the needs of your recycling program. Order separately.
    See Model BPRP-PC1 for insert with 3" hole
    See Model BPRP-PC5 for insert with 4-3/8" hole
    See Model BPRP-PC6 for insert with 5-7/8" hole

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