100% Recycled Plastic Bench - with Backrest. RBB Series.

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RB Series Park Benches feature frames and planks molded from 100% recycled plastic, a combination of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics.

BUDDY BENCH: Our RBB Series 100% recycled plastic benches can easily become your Buddy Bench by engraving your custom message into one or more of the backrest planks. Add the option for resin filled letters to really make your message pop with your choice of 10 colors of plastic.


FRAMES: Model RBB frames (with backrest) are 3" thick single piece solid molded plastic.

INSTALLATION: Portable by design.  Can be surface anchored if desired.

COLORS: Frames and planks are available in your choice of colors.  A solid color is formed throughout the plastic components.  A UV stabilizer is added for ultraviolet protection.

LENGTH: Recycled plastic park benches are available in two sizes: 4 ft. long benches use 2 frames; 6 ft. long benches use 3 frames.

SEAT MATERIALS: Bench seat and back planks can be 2" x 4", 2" x 6" or 2" x 10" (nom), of solid molded 100% recycled plastic.  Includes stainless steel screws for assembly.

OPTIONAL: Attach to surface for permanent installation with optional anchor brackets.  Use Model ANG-2 Angle Anchor Kit

OPTIONAL: Engraved personalization or plaques are available.  See Accessories.

NOTE: The frames are NOT sold separately. You must purchase a complete bench (frames and planks).

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