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Product Warranty

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc. PRODUCT WARRANTY

Term Product Other Information
Lifetime Picnic Table Frames: UT, UTH, XT, XTH, WXT, WXTH Original Owner Only
One Year Powder Coat, Enamel, & High Heat Paints; Lumber; Trash & Recycling Lids & Liners; Plaques; Decals; Resin Fill; Umbrellas; Pet Waste Stations; FSW Swivel Grate No Warranty on Lumber shipped outside the United States. Water Repellant recommended on Lumber.
Five Years Thermo-Plastic Coating Limited and Prorated Warranty on coating material against defects when subjected to normal use and proper maintenance.
Five Years Picnic Table Frames (those not included in Lifetime Warranty), Park Bench Frames, Recycled Plastic Components, Steel and Aluminum Bench and Table seat/top Structures, TRH and TRQ Frames, Steel Trash Receptacle and Planter Structures, Pedestal Mounts, Tissue Holders, Utility Tables, Bike Racks, all Grills, Campfire Rings, Lantern Holders, Food Lockers, Hot Coal Bin, Kolor Cans. Recycled Plastic warranty applies only to components that have been cut, drilled, or routed by the manufacturer. This warranty does NOT cover plastic purchased in raw stock form by customer and cut, drilled, or routed by customer for custom application. Recycled Plastic and Thermo-Plastic coated components include a UV stabilizer to retard effects of natural exposure. We cannot warrant "fading" or surface "contamination" due to extreme variations in levels of exposure and in the definition of "fading".
Fifty Years Recycled Plastic Material decomposition only.

All products must:

  1. be assembled and installed according to manufacturer's specifications and instructions.
  2. be properly maintained.
  3. not have been altered by the addition or deletion of parts, or modified in any other manner.
  • Vandalism.
  • Damage caused by incorrect assembly, installation, application (use), or negligence.
  • Natural or manmade disasters.
  • Cosmetic changes due to weathering - including paint fading, discoloration of wood, or color fading or spotting of coated steel and recycled plastic products caused by exposure to natural elements or chemicals.
  • Scratches, dents, or marring caused by normal use and public exposure.
  • Seasons checks, twisting, or splintering of wood caused by climatic differences or lack of proper maintenance.
  • Loss or damage in transit while product is responsibility of carrier.
  • High heat paint subject to overly built fires.
  • Steel warpage caused by fires of excessive size or duration.
  • Premature rust-through of grill boxes due to improper cleaning or maintenance, and fire rings buried in the ground.
  • Premature rusting or discoloring caused by corrosive environment or while in ocean transit.
  • Damage caused by animals or wildlife.
NOTE: Warranty claims must be filed within the warranty period and must include a copy of the invoice or the purchase order.
NOTE: Except as specifically stated herein, all warranties (expressed or implied) are hereby excluded. This Warranty excludes any liability, consequential damages, or related costs.
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