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Browse through our video library and watch Pilot Rock products and features being demonstrated to help give you a visual of Pilot Rock quality, design, and functionality.

Watch vandal resistant grill and campfire ring grates get tested, see how easy it is to change your custom sign on our Sign Benches, learn why Pilot Rock campfire rings are true fire barriers, and
 learn about ADA compliant wheelchair accessible picnic tables, charcoal grills, and campfire rings. Have a video suggestion? Let us know!

Model DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Mister System
The DMS-TNT350 Disinfectant Misting System is a complete, ready to use machine to apply disinfectant to most indoor and outdoor surfaces.
FLC-30 Firering Lockout Cover from Pilot Rock
The FLC-30 Firering Lockout Cover can be used to restrict the use of a Pilot Rock® brand campfire ring.
Bear Resistant Food Lockers
Bear Resistant Food Lockers by Pilot Rock® have been designed & tested to keep bears out of food protecting both bears and campers.
Compare a Pilot Rock Swivel Grate to an Import
The swivel grate handle on the Pilot Rock FSW fireing is NEVER over the fire.
No Competition for a Pilot Rock Campfire Ring
The competition cannot match the features and durability of Pilot Rock's firering with an infinitely adjustable cooking grate.
Grizzly Bear versus Pilot Rock Bear Proof Receptacle
A certified test shows that a Pilot Rock Bear Proof Trash Receptacle can stand up to a determined grizzly bear.
The Varmint Defiant Trash Lid at Work
Watch as a raccoon's raid on a trash can is foiled by the Pilot Rock Varmint Defiant trash can lid
Pilot Rock Accessible Benches and Tables
Pilot Rock has benches and tables that meet ADA guidelines for wheelchair access.
Pilot Rock Accessible Grills and Campfie Rings
Pilot Rock has grills and firerings that meet ADA guidelines for accessibility.
Accessible Trash Containers & Site Amenities
Pilot Rock designs many of our Trash Receptacles and Site Amenities to be accessible for anyone enjoying the outdoors.
The Dangers of Decorative Firerings
See a demonstration of why decorative firerings with cutout designs fail to fulfill the true purpose of campfire rings.
Comparing Pilot Rock's grill to a competitor's
Comparing the Pilot Rock infinitely adjustable cooking grate to a competitor's copy.
Two Sign Benches Offer Custom Advertising
These benches allow custom signs to be easily installed and replaced. Honor donations and organizations, celebrate holidays, promote businesses, events, and sports teams.
Infinitely Adjustable Cooking Grate Operation
See how our Infinitely Adjustable Cooking Grate operates on A-20, B-24, C2-36 and D2-48 series grills.
See Different Pilot Rock Campfire Rings.
See the different Pilot Rock campfire
rings and their features.
Is Your Picnic Table ADA Compliant?
This video demonstrates ADA accessibility of many different Pilot Rock picnic table options.
Picnic Table Strength Comparison
We demonstrate the strength of Pilot Rock steel picnic tables vs. a competitor's copy
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