Pilot Rock RJ Thomas Mfg. Co.

Customized Outdoor Site Furnishings

Customize Your Outdoor Site Furnishings With Your Unique Identity

Using custom plaques, engraving, punched steel or laser-cut steel you can …

Memorialize Someone Special; Recognize Donations; Honor Service; Celebrate Special Occasions and Events;

Identify Ownership; Support Your School and Team; Advertise Your Business; Promote Parks and Trails.

Be Creative.


A wide variety of products are manufactured using perforated steel. Since the material is perforated on site, it is perfect for use when ordering custom benches, picnic tables and trash receptacles. Click here to learn more about personalization using Perforated Steel.

Here are just a few great Pilot Rock® products using Perforated Steel:

CXB Series Perforated BenchCN-R Perforated Trash ReceptacleSQT Series Perforated Picnic TableModel CN-TR Tilting Trash ReceptacleModel T214 Picnic Table with custom game board top


Plaques are a great way to recognize memorials, special occasions, donations, or to promote a service. We offer acrylic laminated plaques and cast metal plaques.  Click here to learn more about our custom plaque options.

Model B102 Bench with custom laminate plaqueModel RBB Recycled Plastic Bench with custom metal plaqueWRB Series Bench with custom laminate plaqueB80 Series Bench with round metal plaque


Use a custom sign as the backrest to advertise a business or event.  Click here to learn more about adding a great custom sign to your bench.

Pilot Rock® offers 2 great design options for creating a Dedicated Sign Bench:

B400 Series Sign BenchB410 Series Sign Bench


A wide variety of products use our laser cut steel plate. Benches, picnic tables and trash cans are laser cut from a steel sheet, which makes them perfect for personalization. Click here to learn more about personalization using Cut Steel Plate.

Here are just a few great Pilot Rock® products using Cut Steel Plate:

B120 Series Contemporary Steel BenchModel CN-R Cut Steel Plate Trash ReceptacleB90 Series Oak Knoll BenchModel BR220 bike rack with custom laser-cut end caps


Engraved letters are available on products using Recycled Plastic. Click here to learn more about adding engraved letters to your benches, tables or trash receptacles.

Here are just a few great Pilot Rock® products that are perfect for personalization using Recycled Plastic:

Model TRH Trash ReceptacleModel RBB Recycled Plastic BenchModel RA3 Recycling ArrayXT Series Picnic Table with Recycled Plastic top & seats

We also offer a number of product accessories for all of our product lines.

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