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Oak Knoll Series Bench - Contour Seat

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The B94 Oak Knoll Series Park and Streetscape Bench offers the “traditional” park bench look with cast aluminum end frames updated with modern materials and finishes.

BUDDY BENCH: The B94 Series Oak Knoll Benches with the cut steel plate contour seat can become your Buddy Bench with your custom message cut directly into the durable steel backrest with a colorful powder coat paint finish.


Model B94  Oak Knoll Bench has a comfortable contour seat.

FRAMES: Traditonal cast aluminum end frames include armrests.  Frames have a powder coat paint finish in your color choice

INSTALLATION: Surface mount installation only.  Use Model ANC4-4 Anchor Kit.

LENGTH: Benches can be 4, 6 or 8 ft. long.  All stainless steel fasteners for assembly.

SEAT MATERIALS: Make your choice from four seat and back materials.  See Material Options:

• Construction Heart Redwood, in 3" x 4" (nom.) sized timbers.

100% Recycled Plastic in 3" x 4" (nom.) sized timbers, available in many colors.

• Steel strap fabrication (SS), heavy gauge steel, and all welded construction, with powder coat finish. 

• Cut Steel Plate seat design (SP) is a diamond pattern laser cut and formed from a single sheet of 10 ga. steel, and finished with powder coat paint.

OPTIONAL: Custom personalization is available.  See Accessories.

Lumber and Recycled Plastic: Engraved letters on recycled plastic. Or recessed plastic laminate plaques on lumber or recycled plastic.
Steel Strap Seat: Round cast metal plaque recessed into the backrest.
Cut Steel Plate Seat: Round cast metal plaque recessed into the backrest. Or, custom cut letters incorporated into the backrest design.

OPTIONAL: Model AR-10 cast iron center armrest, bolt on, is available for Steel Strap and Steel Plate contour seat designs (not available with wood or plastic).  The armrest color will match the seat color.  See Armrests for Park Benches.

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