Benches - Frame Kits Only

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Most Pilot Rock park benches and picnic tables are available as a Frame Kit only. You provide the top/seat/backrest material from a local source. Our Frame Kits include the frames, all braces (as each design requires) and all fasteners to assemble and attach the top/seat/backrest material.

When you buy just a Frame Kit you can reduce your freight costs because you provide your own lumber from a local source. Our Frame Kits include assembly instructions and hole drilling patterns.

Made in the USA by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. since 1959. Enjoy the Outdoors.

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B110C/CB-6 Frame Kit
Frame Only Kit For Accessible Bench - B110C & B111C Series

Frame Kit for our Accessible Bench B110C or B111C. Supply your own lumber.

PAB Frame Kit
Frame Only Kit for Athletic Bench - AB Series - Portable or Stationary Use

Frame kit for a durable and adaptable bench suitable for any sport or activity.

APB_P Frame
Frame Only Kit for Athletic Bench - APB Series - Stationary Use Only

Frame kit for a rugged flat bench for activities where you need a bench in a permanent location.

PCXB Frame Kit
Frame Only Kit For Channel Park Bench - CXB Series

Frame kit for our most versatile bench. Stationary or portable in a wide variety of lengths.

Frame Only Kit For Classic Park Bench - CLB Series

Frame kit for lightweight bench which can be moved or can be anchored on site.

Frame Only Kit For Contour Park Bench With A Single Pedestal - OWRB Series

Frame kit available for 4 or 6 ft. contour bench with a single pedestal-embedded or surface mount.

Frame Only Kit for Gibraltar Bench - GBA Series

Frame kit for the Gibraltar Bench with its traditional look and ornate cast Aluminum frames.

Frame Only Kit for Multi-Pedestal Contour Bench - WRB Series

Frame kit for 4, 6 or 8 ft long contour bench with multiple pedestals-embedded or surface mount.

Frame Only Kit For Team Bench With Equipment Deck - B300 Series

This bench provides a place for the players and a place for all of their gear.

PWB end frame
Frame Only Kit for Trailside Multi-Pedestal Bench - WB Series

Frame kits for a flat bench with either a portable, surface mount or an embedded, stationary mount.

Frame Only Kit For Trailside, Single Pedestal Bench - OWB Series

Frame kit for a flat bench that has a single embedded or surface mounted pedestal.

Frame Only Kit For Wall Mount Bench - WMB Series

The Wall Mount Bench is a natural for pools athletic facilities, locker rooms and parks.

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