Picnic Tables

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The traditional picnic table has evolved into a site element for any landscape - public parks, campgrounds, swimming pools, rec centers, schools, businesses, malls, patios, cafeterias, and even your backyard ... anywhere people gather, inside or outside. 

Pilot Rock picnic tables come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs, colors and materials.  We have a picnic table to fit your landscape, streetscape, park, campground and public space.  We have picnic tables in sizes for adults and children.  All Pilot Rock brand outdoor picnic tables are designed and built for public and commercial use. 

Our outdoor picnic tables can be portable or stationary, rectangular, round or square.  Once you have chosen the style and shape, then choose the material.  We offer lumber, aluminum, 100% recycled plastic and coated steel.  Now choose your color - we have many!

Made in the USA by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. since 1959, these picnic tables are a popular part of the total Pilot Rock park, street and camp site product line.  Enjoy the Outdoors.

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Caterpillar Picnic Table - T600 Series

Elevated, open span frame design creates a clear area for easier clean-up. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Extra Heavy Duty Picnic Table - XT Series

Designed and constructed for heavy use areas. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Food Court Table FCT
Food Court Table

Indoors or outdoors this Food Court Table provides seating for 4 adults.

Heavy Duty Picnic Table - UT Series

Tables are designed for most public applications. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Kid's Rectangular Picnic Table - UTK Series

Great for kids up to 10 or 11 years old, designed for most public applications. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Kid's Round Picnic Table - T104K Series

Same great design as the standard 48" round table, but just right for kids.

Kid's Square Picnic Table - SQTK Series

Same design as standard SQT Series table, but scaled for kids. Available in a variety of materials.

Lighter Duty Picnic Tables - BT Series

Combines galvanized steel tube frames with the economy of a bolt together design. CLICK TO SEE MORE

Multi-Pedestal Picnic Table - APT Series

A secure and stationary 6 or 8 ft table available in a variety of materials. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Recycled Plastic Picnic Table - RT Series

Galvanized steel braces and mounting angles offer more strength to the 100% Recycled Plastic tables.

Recycled Plastic Picnic Table With Arched Frame - ART Series

The contemporary arched frame gives this 100% recycled plastic table a lighter look.

Round, Pedestal Picnic Table - T300 and T400 Series

Round, pedestal table is permanent and secure. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Round, Portable Picnic Table With 1 Support Under Each Seat - T200 Series

Portable, 48" round table available with a variety of seats and materials. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Round, Portable Picnic Table With 2 Support Legs Under Seats - T100 Series

Portable, 48" round table. Each seat has 2 support legs. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Single Pedestal Picnic Table - PT Series

Permanent and secure with simpler maintenance around the table. 6 ft long in a variety of materials.

Square Frame Picnic Tables - T700 Series

Designed with a clean cut square end frame with inlaid top and seat planks. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Square Pedestal Picnic Table - PQT Series

All of the advantages of a square table in a permanent location. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Square Portable Picnic Table - SQT Series

Portable with a square seating pattern. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Traditional A-Frame Picnic Table - AFT Series

A traditional A-Frame table in ALL wood or ALL recycled plastic. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Traditional A-Frame Picnic Table With Steel Braces - AT Series

Galvanized steel braces make this a stronger A-Frame picnic table. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Twin Pedestal Picnic Table - TPT Series

Twin supports are secure and stationary. Available in 6, 8 or 10 ft lengths. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

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