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Armrests - Model AR-4 - for WRB and OWRB Contour Benches.

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Your PWRB and SWRB,  or the OWRB and OWRB/P Contour Benches can be enhanced by adding armrests.  The armrest finish and material and colors will match that of the bench.  The armrest frame is steel with a galvanized or powder coated to match the bench frame.  The armrest pad is wood or recycled plastic to match the bench seat. 

Model AR-4 Armrest fits all PWRB, SWRB, OWRB and OWRB/P benches using lumber or recycled plastic planks.

Armrests are sold as a single item so order as many as you want.  Order two so there is one at each end of the bench.  Or order more if you want to divide up the full seat into smaller sections.

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