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Model BPFL-D-30 Bear Resistant Food Locker, Two Compartments.

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Certified Bear Resistant Food Storage Locker – Two 15 cu. ft. compartments.

This Food Storage Locker is certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee testing protocol to resist bears’ efforts to get into camper’s food stores. See certification numbers in the chart below.


These Model BPFL-D-30 Food Storage Lockers have been designed … and tested … to keep bears out. The un-bear-able features include:

Two compartments: A solid center wall creates two 15 cu. ft. compartments. Each compartment has its own door with latch and two latch points.

Construction:  The top, sides, center wall and door panels are all fabricated using heavy 12 ga. steel plate.  The bottom panels are 12 ga. pre galvanized steel to prevent rusting.  The corner braces/leg posts are 12 ga. steel formed channels nested inside the formed channel side panel wraps.  This design assembly creates strength and rigidity for the box. The Lockers include all welded assembly. Only the galvanized bottom panel is bolted in.

Door Features:  The full-swing doors ride on heavy gauge, stainless steel full-length continuous hinges. Each door is reinforced with a steel angle. Each door on Model BPFL-D-30 has two latch points for extra strength and security. The door for each compartment can be operated independently. Each door can be padlocked separately (padlock not included). The doors can be opened with one hand and comply with ADA guidelines for reach and operability.  The doors are easy to swing closed.  For safety, the door latch can be disengaged from inside.

More Features:

    Includes four leveling feet so you can adjust for an uneven surface.
    Includes a set of (4) ½” x 5” concrete screw anchors (#ANC5-4).
    Locker Ceiling is reinforced inside each compartment with formed steel channel that includes hooks for hanging packages of dry goods.
    Wide doors provide easy access for large coolers.

    A locking hasp is welded to the locker frame and extends through each door so the door can be padlocked closed  for security if needed (padlock is not included).
    Room inside the locker to open cooler lids without lifting them out. No need to lift heavy coolers out of the locker.
    Air louvers in back panel provide ventilation but restrict insect access.
    Two like size units can be stacked to provide double the storage capacity on less space.

Finish: Textured powder coat finish available in 5 colors: brown (CWT), green (CNT), black (CBT), speckled tan (CTT) and blue (CUT).     See Material Options. The pre galvanized steel bottom panel is not painted.

Model Number and Sizes:
BPFL Series Food Locker Specification Chart

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