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Optional Embedded Post Mount for BPFL Food Lockers

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BPFL/CB-POST1 Embedded Post Mount.

An Optional Installation for BPFL-15, -25 and -30 Food Lockers

If you don’t have a concrete pad to anchor your Food Lockers to, this embedded post installation offers you an alternative.


  • 3-1/2 in. OD x 61-/14 in. long post is embedded into a concrete footing (recommended 12 in. dia. x 36 in. deep).
  • The center back of the Food Locker is attached to this post.
  • All hardware is included. 
  • The ground surface should be as level as possible.
  • Black enamel paint finish on post.

This option is available only for the BPFL-15, BPFL-25, BPFL-30 and BPFL-D-30 Bear Resistant Food Lockers.
This option is NOT available for the BPFL-T-18 Trailside Locker.

NOTE: This installation method has NOT been tested/certified by the IGBC.

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