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Frame Only Kit For Wall Mount Bench - WMB Series

Please make the following configuration choices:

Frame Finish

Select the finish you want on the frames.

Frame Kit Size Options

Buy just the frame kit. Then provide your own top/seat/slat material from a local source.


The Model WMB Wall Mount Bench Frame Kit allows you to create a bench that is a natural for locker rooms, pools, athletic facilities, building entrances, and parks.


FRAME KIT: Each wall bracket is 10 ga. formed and welded steel channel.

FINISH: Hot dip galvanized finish after fabrication maximizes protection from the elements.  Or select a powder coat paint finish in your color choice.

INSTALLATION:  The WMB Bench Frame Kit includes galvanized fasteners to attach a seat plank (not included) to the frames.  But it does not include wall anchors (each bracket includes three 7/16" dia. wall anchor holes).  Use anchors appropriate to your wall surface.

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