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Gillette Series Bench - Flat Seat

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The Gillette Series Park and Streetscape Bench has a lot to offer: it’s attractive, traditional, comfortable, adaptable, durable … and affordable.


Model B80 Gillette Bench has a flat seat (no backrest).

FRAMES: Traditonal, heavy cast iron end frames with a modern style.  All frames include armrests.  Frames have a powder coat paint finish in your color choice

INSTALLATION: Surface mount installation only.

LENGTH: Benches can be 4, 6 or 8 ft. long.  All stainless steel fasteners for assembly.

SEAT MATERIALS: Make your choice from four seat and back materials:

• Construction Heart Redwood, in 3" x 4" (nom.) sized timbers.

• 100% Recycled Plastic in 3" x 4" (nom.) sized timbers, available in many colors.

Steel strap fabrication (SS), heavy gauge steel, and all welded construction, with powder coat finish. 

Steel Plate seat design (SP) is a diamond pattern cut and formed from a single sheet of 10 ga. steel, and finished with powder coat paint.

See Material Options. 

OPTIONAL: Model ANC3-4 Anchor Kit.

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