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ASW-20 Series Accessible Grills

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Model ASW-20 Charcoal Grill offers 300 sq. inches of cooking area on the single level swivel grate.  The cooking grate swivels 180 degrees – over the charcoals or completely out of the firebox – but the grate handle is never over the heat.

Model ASW-20 park grill is ADA Compliant for reach and operability. A truly accessible charcoal grill. 

The cooking grate on this grill requires less than 5 lbs. of force to move, and requires only one hand to operate (ADA-ABA 309.4: Draft Final-Outdoor 1011.3).  The cooking surface is less than 34” high (ADA-ABA 902.3; Draft Final-Outdoor 1011.5).

The grill firebox can also rotate 360 degrees in either direction on a theft proof swivel attachment. Standard 3-1/2” OD x 40” long base post for embedded installation (B2).

The firebox is 6” high on the swivel side, and 10” high on the other side to provide wind protection above the cooking grate.

This charcoal grill includes all welded firebox construction: 3/16” (7 ga.) thick steel, plus integral die-formed flanges to retain ashes and reinforce the firebox from heat.

Plus all welded cooking grate fabrication: ½” diameter solid steel bars, mounted on steel tube allowing it to swivel 180 degrees.  The operator handle includes a 1/8” x ½” flat bar coiled spring grip.  All grate bars are welded on both sides.

All components of this charcoal grill are finished with high temp, non toxic black enamel paint.

OPTIONAL: Model B18 surface mount/bolt-down base post (instead of standard embedded post).Becomes Model ASW-20 B18. Surface anchor bolts are not included - use Model ANC1-4 Concrete Anchor Kit

OPTIONAL: Model S6 Swivel Shelf installs on the 3-1/2” OD base post.

 California's Proposition 65.

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