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AFT Series - End Accessible Traditional A-Frame Picnic Table - Using Lumber

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AFT Series Tables are traditional A-Frame picnic tables.  All lumber is precision drilled to facilitate assembly.  Tables provide 30-1/4” table height, 17-3/4” seat height (nominal dimensions).

The 8 ft. long table is wheelchair accessible at both ends which meet or exceed current ADA guidelines for wheelchair accessibility (30" wide, 27" under table top and 19" knee plus 5" toe clearances).


FRAME:  All components and bracing are pressure treated #1 southern yellow pine: 4” x 6” leg posts, 2” x 4” and 2” x 6” connecting and support braces (nom. dimensions).  Frames are assembled using 3/8” dia. carriage bolts for superior clamping force.  Top/seat planks are secured using stainless steel screws.  All fasteners are included.

LENGTH:  8 ft. long
                For a 6 ft. standard/non accessible A-frame table, click here.

TOP/SEAT MATERIAL:  2” X 10” (nom.) pressure treated #1 southern yellow pine.  See Material Options.

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