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APT Series Frame Kit - End Accessible Multi-Pedestal Picnic Table

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Model APT Multi-Pedestal Rectangular Picnic Table Frame Kits provide a secure, permanent location which prevents theft.  These picnic tables have 8 ft. tops which extend 1 foot beyond each end of the 6 ft. seats, 30" table height and 18" seat height (nominal dimensions).  The design meets or exceeds current ADA guidelines for wheelchair accessibility and provides for wheelchair access at both ends.


FRAME KIT:  Two heavy pedestal posts of 3" x 6" x 1/8" wall rectangular steel tubing to support the table top and each seat.  Exposed ends of frame posts are sealed with welded on end caps.  Model APT/P frame kit posts have 1/4” x 8” square steel bolt down base plates welded on (anchor bolts not included).

FINISH:  Standard finish: hot dip galvanized after fabrication for maximum protection from elements.  Or choose a powder coat finish (in place of galvanized finish) in your choice of color.

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