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SQT3-4 Series Frame Kit - Wheelchair Accessible, Square, Portable Picnic Table

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Buy just the frame kit. Then provide your own top/seat/slat material from a local source.

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Model SQT3-4 Picnic Table Frame Kits offer portability plus a square seating pattern that fully utilizes the table top: better visual contact, more conducive to conversation, an ideal game or craft table, good for children and adults.

The frame design includes our non-tip, non-trip, walk-through features.  Tables offer 30" nom. table height; 18" nom. seat height.

Model SQT3-4 Picnic Table Frame Kits are designed for a 48" X 59-1/4" top and one seat structure has been eliminated providing ADA compliant wheelchair access on one side.  The design meets or exceeds current ADA guidelines for wheelchair accessibility.


FRAME KIT:  Corner frames are fabricated from 1-1/2" OD x 1/8" wall structural steel pipe (1.500” OD, 12 ga. wall nom. pipe specifications).  Top/Seat mounting angles are 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 10 ga. thick steel.  Cross braces are 1-5/16" OD steel pipe.

FINISH:  Standard finish: hot dip galvanized after fabrication.  Or choose a powder coat finish (in place of galvanized finish) in your choice of color.


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