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Model BPRT3 - Bear Resistant Trash and Recycling Receptacle - 3 Modules

Please make the following configuration choices:

Receptacle Capacity, Material, Color

Select your choices for capacity, material and finishes.


DECALS #1: Trash & Recycle

Select a Decal for your Recycling Lid; or for Hatch #1 on your BPRT bear resistant receptacle.


Select a Decal for the second hatch cover on your BPRT2 or BPRT3 bear resistant receptacle.


Select a Decal for the third hatch cover on your BPRT3 bear resistant receptacle.

  • Price Per Unit Starts At:

Model BPRT3 Bear Resistant Trash and Recycling Receptacle With 3 Modules is designed … and tested … to keep bears out.  It has been CERTIFIED by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) using the IGBC protocol.

 Trash Receptacle
 Model Number
  Certification Number
 BPRT1-36  #5106
 BPRT2-72  #5124
 BPRT3-108  #5107

The un-bear-able features include:

CONSTRUCTION: All welded heavy 12 ga. and 14 ga. steel fabrication with 7 ga. bracing.   Ships fully assembled.  Receptacle sits up off the ground for extended service life.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Includes three 36-gallon heavy duty rigid plastic liners.  Six-point surface anchor base with ½” x 5” concrete screw anchor bolts included (Unit must be anchored to be bear resistant), interior rain drain to siphon away any leakage. ADA compliant for forward and side reach ranges.

FRONT ACCESS DOORS: The front door design provides easier access to the liners inside and more installation location options.  The reinforced doors are mounted on a full-length continuous commercial-duty stainless steel hinges. Self-closing latches secure both doors at the top and bottom. A total of 4 latch points keep the doors tightly closed. A locking hasp is welded to the receptacle frame and extends through the right door so the doors can be padlocked closed  for security if needed (padlock is not included).

LARGE HATCH OPENING: 16-inch square hatches with full-width commercial-duty stainless steel hinges open up for easy depositing of trash or recyclables. The top is sloped for easy access.  The commercial duty latch on each hatch is concealed under a steel guard designed to allow access to human hands, but to keep bear paws out.

DECALS:  Trash and/or recycling decals are included (please specify choice).  The decals are self adhesive with green lettering on white vinyl plastic.

FINISH: Brown textured powder coat finish is standard.  Or choose textured powder coat finish in your choice of green, black, speckled tan or blue.

OPTIONAL: Band-It trash bag loop to hold your trash bag on the rack.  See Band-It Loops.

OPTIONAL: Steel recycling plate installed under the hatch.  Plate is powder coated black.  Choose from 3" dia., 4-3/8" dia. or 5-7/8" dia. hole to meet the needs of your recycling program. Order separately.
    See Model BPRP-PC1 for insert with 3" hole
    See Model BPRP-PC5 for insert with 4-3/8" hole
    See Model BPRP-PC6 for insert with 5-7/8" hole

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