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Round Receptacle - Vertical Steel Straps

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Model CN-R/SS2-36 Trash Receptacle is a simple, clean and functional design of vertical steel straps that can fit into any landscape plan, and is designed to hold most 30 to 36 gallon liners.

Coordinates with Model P-22 Planter for a cohesive appearance.


Model CN-R/SS2-36 receptacle is fabricated using 1/8” thick x 2” wide steel vertical ribs.  The top flares out to include a 1” diameter steel tube ring.  The base structure includes a steel flange ring and cross braces.  The cross braces reinforce the receptacle and keep the liner inside up off the ground.  Holes in these cross braces provide anchor points for surface mounting.  (Anchor bolts not included.)  The base also includes four threaded adjustable levelers located equally around the base ring.

All components are welded into a single unit with the strength to withstand the punishment of public use and constant exposure.

FINISH: Powder coat paint in your choice of colors.  See Material Options.

OPTIONAL: A variety of steel and plastic dome and flat lids are available to fit this receptacle to collect trash and recyclables.  See Receptacle Lids.

OPTIONAL: Steel or rigid plastic liners.  See Trash Cans, Liners.

OPTIONAL: Stationary Mounts are available.  See Stationary Mounts.

OPTIONAL: Model ANC3-4 Anchor Kit (four 3/8” x 3” concrete screw anchors) for hard surface mounting.  See Anchors.

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