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TRQ Series - Trash and Recycling Square Receptacles

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Series TRQ Trash Receptacles are an attractive way to collect trash or recyclables while disguising and protecting the liner inside from abuse and vandalism.  The square shape offers a different look to the same function. 

Model TRQ-32 holds a 30 or 32 gallon capacity can or liner.


FRAMES: TRQ Series frames include a top and bottom ring; both rolled using 10 ga. steel with a formed flange for strength.  The base ring is reinforced with die-formed cross braces.  These braces also serve to keep the container inside the TRH up off the ground.  Galvanized fasteners included.  The base frames include (3 or 4) 9/32" dia. holes in flange to allow anchoring to a concrete surface with appropriate anchors.  (Anchor bolts are not included-use 1/4" x 2-1/4" concrete screws).

FRAME FINISH:  Standard finish: Hot dip galvanized after fabrication for maximum protection.  Or choose power coated (in place of galvanized finish) in your choice of color.  See Material Options.

MATERIALS: 2"x 4" slat material: pressure treated #1 southern yellow pine OR 100% recycled plastic slats available in choice of colors.  See Material Options.

OPTIONAL: A variety of steel and plastic dome and flat lids are available for this receptacle to collect trash and recyclables.  See Receptacle Lids.

OPTIONAL: Stationary mounts are available.  See Stationary Mounts.

OPTIONAL: Galvanized steel cans or rigid plastic liners are available.  See Trash Cans, Liners.

OPTIONAL: Custom engraving is available on recycled plastic slats.  See Accessories.

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