Regular Duty Galvanized Steel Trash Cans with or without Lids

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Model: CNG

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Regular Duty Galvanized Steel Cans and Lids are fabricated from pre-galvanized 27 ga. sheet steel.

Model CNG-2310
     CAPACITY: 32 gallon
     MATERIAL: 27 ga. steel can and lid (lid is optional)
     DIMENSIONS: 20-1/2" O.D. x 27" tall (without lid)
     WEIGHT: 12 lbs with lid OR 10 lbs. without lid
Fits in these receptacles:
       • CN-AMQ
       • CN-AMR
       • CN-Q/D-32/2
       • CN-R/D-32
       • CN-R/R-32
       • CN-R/SP2-32
       • CN-R/SS2-36, CN-R/SS2-36D
       • CN-R/SS3-36
       • TRH-32, TRQ-32
       • CN-Q-36, CN-Q/SS4-36D
       • RA Recycling Arrays


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