Trash & Recycling Receptacles

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Collecting trash ... and recyclables ... doesn't have to be ugly.

Our Pilot Rock trash and recycling receptacles come in several sizes, and a wide variety of materials and colors – including wood, coated steel and recycled plastic.  We have trash and recycling receptacles designed for ... rustic campsites and trails, public parks, playgrounds, streetscapes, schools, pools, businesses ... anywhere people spend time outside.  If you've got people, then they've got trash, and you need durable and attractive receptacles to hold it.

Trash? Recyclables?  You want specific lids to fit your collection needs.  We offer a wide variety of lids to work with your programs.

Complete your trash or recycling receptacle with liners, decals and mounts.

You can also match receptacle designs to benches and picnic tables for a coordinated look to your landscape.

The right receptacle will help keep your facility clean so your customers can Enjoy the Outdoors.

Made in the USA by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. since 1959.

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Amherst Collection Trash and Recycling Receptacles - Round and Square.

Trash and recycling receptacles - coordinate with Amherst collection benches. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Ash Receptacles - Round - Square - Colors!

Choose the ash receptacle that fits your needs for your site. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Kolorcans Trash and Recycling Receptacles

Two shapes. Two sizes. 11 color choices. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Park Policeman

Fabricated with expanded metal mesh with a large 48 gallon capacity.

Pet Waste Collection Station - DogiPot

Economical, polyethylene pet waste collection station. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Pet Waste Collection Station - Pilot Rock Series

Complete Pilot Rock pet waste collection station is both metal and economical. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Recycling Arrays - RA Series

Provides a focal point for collecting recyclables and trash. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Round Receptacle - Cut Steel Plate

Steel plate cut with an attractive pattern makes a very durable trash receptacle.

Round Receptacle - Expanded Steel

Fabricated using expanded steel and available in 3 sizes.

Round Receptacle - Perforated Steel

Fabricated using perforated steel and available in 3 sizes.

Round Receptacle - Side Door, Steel Strap

The side door provides easy access to the liner inside.

Round Receptacle - Vertical Steel Straps

Designed to hold most available 30-36 gallon liners

Round Receptacle - Vertical Wave Steel Straps

Fabricated with steel straps in an attractive wave pattern.

CN-R/SP3-36D Steel Trash Receptacle Door Open
Round Receptacle - with Bonnet and Side Door, Steel Strap

Lockable side door, steel bonnet cut steel plate body. A rugged outdoor receptacle!

Round Trash and Recycling Receptacles - TRH Series

An attractive way to collect trash or recyclables. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Square Receptacle - Expanded Steel

Square receptacle with canopy lid

Square Receptacle - Side Door, Steel Strap

The side door provides easy access to the liner inside.

Square Steel Frame & Inlay Receptacle

A complement to our B130 Benches and T700 Tables.

Square Trash and Recycling Receptacles - TRQ Series

Square shape for a different look. CLICK TO SEE MORE.

Tilting Trash Receptacle

Collection basket is suspended off the ground for easier grounds maintenance and unloading.

Varmint Defiant Trash Can Cover

Keep all kinds of varmints, critters, small animals and other assorted pests out of your trash.

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