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Wholesale Corral

Buy slightly blemished products at really big discounts!

RJThomas Factory

Our crew works hard to carefully handle our products during the finishing processes. However, accidents happen. The product then won't ship with the rest of the customer’s order. Or sometimes products will get damaged during shipment, and get returned to us.  It’s usually a scratch in the paint or a gouge in the thermo coat.

We repair the cosmetic damage, but sometimes the blemish is still visible. All Wholesale Corral prdoducts are still new, but we won’t sell a “blem” to a customer sight unseen.

Wholesale Corral Bench 1

Our Wholesale Corral includes a constantly changing inventory of picnic tables, benches, trash receptacles, and a few miscellaneous items. Some are “blems”, while others are samples or prototypes we've manufactured. All are functional, in good shape, and are priced at big discounts. All prices are F.O.B. Cherokee, Iowa. Quantities are limited.

We don't sell sight unseen

Wholesale Corral Trash 1 Wholesale Corral Trash 3

To shop our Wholesale Corral, you will need to visit our facilities at 5648 US Hwy 59, Cherokee, Iowa (3 miles south of Cherokee). You can haul your own purchase, or we can arrange shipment at an additional cost. Remember, we don't sell Wholesale Corral products sight unseen.

Before you visit our Wholesale Corral, please notify our Customer Service Department at 1-800-762-5002 or email our Customer Service Department.

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