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Frame Only Kit for Multi-Pedestal Contour Bench - WRB Series

Please make the following configuration choices:

Installation / Mount

Choose how you plan to install the product.

Frame Finish

Select the finish you want on the frames.

Frame Kit Size Options

Buy just the frame kit. Then provide your own top/seat/slat material from a local source.


Model WRB Park Bench Frame Kit uses multiple leg posts to support a full contour seat (not included).  Designed for both strength and comfort.


FRAME KIT: Model WRB Park Bench Frame Kits offer all welded frame construction using 2-1/2" sq. steel tube for leg post, 3/8" thick steel for the seat bracket and the portable model frame foot.

FINISH: Hot dip galvanized finish and galvanized fasteners maximize protection from the elements.  Or select the optional powder coated frame finish in your color choice.

Model PWRB Frame Kit can be either portable or surface mounted. 
Model SWRB Frame Kit provides stationary/embedded frame post for a permanent installation.

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