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Steel Wheels Bike Rack - BR30 and BR31 Series

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The bicycle shape is something everyone will recognize for bike parking.  Each rack can support the bicycle in two places.  All types of locking devices may be used.

The design of Model BR30 is reminiscent of the original bicycles with one big wheel in front and a small wheel in back.  It parks 2 bikes.  Dimensions: 41" high x 5-1/2" wide x 50" long.

The design of Model BR31 is that of a "modern day" bicycle in which both wheels are the same size.  It parks 2-4 bikes.  Dimensions: 45" high x 5-1/2" wide x 76" long.


MATERIALS: Fabricated using 1.66 inch OD x 10 ga. wall steel tube for the bike shapes with 3/16" thick steel angles welded to each wheel providing 8 anchor points per rack for a stable and secure location.  All welded assembly.

INSTALLATION: Surface mount installation only.  (Anchor bolts not included)

FINISH: Powder coated in your color choice.  See Material Options.
OPTIONAL: Model ANC1-4 Set of four 1/2" x 3" concrete screw anchors. Order (2) sets of anchors per rack.

of Bikes
Finish Dimensions
H x W (inches)
Installation Optional
BR30/C* 2 Powder
in your
color choice
41 x 50

Surface Mount
(8) anchors required
per rack (not
9/16"  diameter
mounting holes.

Order (2)
set of (4)
1/2" x 3"
concrete screw
BR31/C* 2-4 45 x 76

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