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Firering Lockout Cover - Model FLC

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Model FLC/B-30 Firering Lockout Cover can be used to take a Pilot Rock® campfire ring out of service.

This steel cover slides onto the Pilot Rock campfire ring and hooks to the underside of the formed flange around the top of the ring. One hook is padlocked on and prevents the cover from being removed.

This Firering Lockout Cover can be used to restrict the use of campground firerings when a burn ban is in place, or for any reason you want to prevent campfires in an area.  The cover can be easily removed whenever it is safe for campers to burn again.

Heavy 12 ga. steel plate fabrication with (2) welded on hooks and (1) padlocked-on hook, and flange reinforced.  Finished with high temp non-toxic black enamel paint.  A convenient carry handle is cut into the cover.

Model FLC/B-30 Firering Lockout Cover will fit most Pilot Rock® campfire rings with a 30 inch inside diameter and a 32 inch outside diameter at the top flange. Refer to the list below for more information.

The padlock is included (Model PL-1, all keyed alike).

A warning/informational decal is included.

Note: Currently we do not have Lockout Covers for Model L-32, Model M-32, smaller (26”) diameter or larger (48” or 56”) diameter campfire rings.

Note: this cover may fit other brand firerings with similar dimensions, but we have not tested it on other brands. We make no guarantee that our Firering Lockout Cover will fit on firerings from other manufacturers.

Model FLC/B-30 Firering Lockout Cover  -
Use and Limits:

Cover Will Work On These Pilot Rock Campfire Rings:

FA-30, FS-30, FSDW-30, FSW/SL-30, FX-30,
FSW-30, FSWS-30 and FXS-30

My Campfire Ring has a Model S5 Bolt-on Shelf.

Model S5 shelf will conflict with the installation of this Cover. The shelf will need to be removed.
If the S5 shelf is mounted to the welded-on heat shield then this Cover will fit.

My Campfire Ring has a Welded-on heat shield.

This Cover will fit on FA-30, FS-30, FSW-30, FSW/SL-30 and FX-30 firerings that include the WELDED-ON heat shield.

My Campfire Ring has a Bolted-on heat shield.

This Cover will NOT fit on any campfire ring with the Bolted-on heat shield. You would need to remove the heat shield to install the Cover.

The FLC/B-30 Lockout Cover will NOT fit on:

Model FSWDW-30/18 swivel grate, double walled campfire rings.

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