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XT and XTH Series End Accessible Picnic Table - Using Recycled Plastic

Please make the following configuration choices:

Standard Height Or Raised Top Table

Choose if you want the standard height table top or a raised top for additional wheelchair clearance under the top.


Frame Finish

Select the finish you want on the frames.


Select the Material and Length you want for this product.

  • Price Per Unit Starts At:

Model XT and XTH End Accessible Picnic Tables are designed and constructed specifically for heavy use areas where unusually difficult service may be required.  Table tops can be extended on one or both ends for ADA COMPLIANT wheelchair accessibility.


Model XT and XTH End Accessible Picnic Tables feature our non-tip, non-trip, walk through design.  The table won’t tip even if all persons sit on one side.  Easy walk through access.  “Skid” design permits movement without damage to turf.  Table tops can be extended 2 ft. beyond the seats on one or both ends.  The extended top is supported by a special diagonal brace and steel channel.  This table configuration meets or exceeds current ADA guidelines for wheelchair access to picnic tables.

Model XT End Access Picnic Tables offer 30” nom. table height (to top of table); 18” nom. seat height.

Model XTH End Access Picnic Tables offer 31” under table clearance to allow most wheelchair armrests to fit under it for a closer approach; 19” nom. seat height.

FRAME: All welded 2-3/8" OD steel pipe end frames (2.375" OD, 11 ga. wall, 2" ID nom. pipe specifications).   Frames are supported by diagonal braces of 1-5/16" OD steel pipe attached to steel center channel.  Extended top is supported by an additional diagonal brace and steel channel.  All 3/8" dia. galvanized carriage bolt fasteners.  Warranted for life.

FINISH: Standard finish: hot dip galvanized after fabrication.  Or choose a powder coat finish (in place of galvanized finish) in your color choice.

LENGTH:  6 ft. seats with 8 ft. top (extended on one end);
                 8 ft. seats with 10 ft. top (extended on one end).

TOP/SEAT MATERIALS:  2” X 10” (nom.) 100% Recycled Plastic planks in your choice of color.  See Material Options.

OPTIONAL: To anchor table to a concrete surface, use Model ANC6-4 Anchor Kit (Concrete Screws) and Model ANG-3 Anchor Kit (Anchor Straps).

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