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PQT-3 and PQT-4 Series Frame Kit - Standard, Square, Pedestal Picnic Table

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Model PQT-3 and Model PQT-4 Pedestal Picnic Table Frame Kits provide a secure, permanent location plus a square seating pattern that fully utilizes the table top: better visual contact, more conducive to conversation, an ideal game or craft table, good for children or adults.  The single, central support post simplifies maintenance under and around table.


Model PQT-3 Picnic Table Frame Kits
 are designed for a 38" square top.  Model PQT-4 Picnic Table Frame Kits are designed for a 48" square top.  Table offers 32" table height, 20" seat height (nominal dimensions).

FRAME KIT:  Supported by one central, massive 5-3/8" sq. steel post.  Seat arms are 3-1/2” dia. steel tube and are designed to resist lateral torsion and deflection.  Assembly points all fasteners to inside of central post so carriage bolt nuts are not exposed.  Installation of top prevents access to inside of post.  Embedded installation is standard.  Model PQT/P-3 and Model PQT/P-4 frame kits have a 3/8” X 16” sq. steel bolt down base plate (anchor bolts not included).

FINISH:  Standard finish: hot dip galvanized after fabrication for maximum protection from elements.  Or choose a powder coat finish (in place of galvanized finish) in your choice of color.


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