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Dog Park Products for People

Dog Parks also need site amenities for People.

Outfit your Dog Park with durable and comfortable site amenities for the people the dogs bring along. Many of our products .... picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles .... can include custom artwork and signage. Here are just a few examples ....

Picnic Tables are a great addition to any dog playground site. Perforated steel picnic tables .... rectangular, square or round ... can include your preferred dog art (within the limits of material, perforating process and size). Contact us for more details.

Here are two table examples:

T214/CU-4RR with Dog ArtModel T214/CU-4RR portable table (shown), with blue powder coated steel frames, 4 ft. round table, perforated steel seats and top with dog paw art, thermoplastic coated in Red color.  Click here for more details on these round tables.  Our T100 round tables can also include custom artwork in the perforated round top.

Square tables are very popular. Model SQT/G-4HT (shown) has galvanized steel frames, 4 ft.SQT/G-4HT Square Table with Dog Art square top using perforated steel with dog paw art, perforated steel seats, top and seats are thermoplastic coated in Tan color.  Click here for more information on these square picnic tables.


Plenty of seating is always a necessity at any dog park. Our Park Benches offer many possibilities for dog parks. We can include custom art, plaques or signage in cut steel plate, perforated steel, recycled plastic and our Sign Bench.

Here are two bench examples:

Our Channel Bench has been popular because of the simple design. Model PCXB/CW-6HU12 (shown) is PCXB/CW-6HU12 park bench with dog art.portable/surface mounted, 6 ft. long, with brown powder coated frames, perforated 2x12” seat and backrest thermoplastic coated in Blue, with dog art incorporated in the backrest.  Click here for more information on this park bench.

Steel contour benches are also popular. Model B78/CA-6SP/TR (shown) is surface mounted,B78/CA-6SP/TR contour park bench with dog art. 6 ft. long, the contour seat is laser cut from a steel plate with the dog art, frames are powder coated Gray, the seat is thermoplastic coated Red. Click here to learn more about this contour bench.


To keep your dog park clean you will need Trash Receptacles.  We have many to choose from, offering a selection of sizes, materials, colors and lids.

Here are two trash receptacle examples:

CN-TR/P/CU-52RY tilting trash receptacle with dog artOur elevated tilting trash receptacle Model CN-TR/CU-52RY (shown) has a blue powder coated steel support yoke, a 52-gallon perforated steel trash basket thermoplastic coated in Yellow, and custom dog art incorporated into the side walls. Click here for more information on this trash receptacle.

CN-R/RA-32 trash receptacle with dog artModel CN-R/RA-32 (shown) is a trash receptacle designed to sit on the ground. It includes a perforated steel trash basket thermoplastic coated in Gray, and 32 gallons of capacity.  This receptacle is also available with 52 or 55 gallons of capacity.  Click here to learn more.


The dogs leave waste behind also. Do you need Pet Waste Collection Stations and Supplies? Click here for more information.

These images are just a few examples of how we can customize many of our products to complement your dog park.  Got questions? We can help. Contact Us for more information anytime.

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