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Model GS-5 is a unique concept in outdoor cooking - combining a charcoal grill with a work table to create one convenient Grill Station.  No need for separate installations of a grill on a post and a utility table.  Now it’s all in one!


RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: 1-5/8 in. OD steel pipe end frames with welded-on brace and top frame bracket.  Diagonal braces ensure a rigid, stable structure.  Top frame is 1-1/2 in. steel angle, welded into single component.

FRAME FINISH: Hot dip galvanized is standard.  Colorful powder coat paint is optional.
TABLE TOP: Built with (5) 2” x 10” (nom.) x 20 inch long planks, plus (1) grill mount plate.  Choose lumber, colorful recycled plastic or aluminum planks for the table top.

FOOTPRINT: Model GS-5 Grill Station is 22-1/2 inches wide by 64 inches long (nom.) overall outside dimensions.

Work Space: 20 inches wide by 48 inches long (when grill is at one end).

WORK HEIGHT: Table height = 30-1/2 inches; Grill height = 36 inches to bottom of firebox (charcoals).  Cooking grate height will vary depending on grill model chosen.

GRILL MOUNT: The grill can be installed at either end or in the center.  (Note: a center location will reduce table top space to 2 planks per side.)  The theft proof swivel attachment allows the grill to rotate 360 degrees for maximum cooking control.

Grill Station Grill Location Drawing

GRILL CHOICES: The charcoal grill is sold separately. Any of the following Pilot Rock grill Models will sit on the Grill Station: Model ASW-20-2, A-20-2, B-24-2, EC-26/S-2, J-20-2, K-20-2, N-20-2, N-24-2, Q-20-2 or Q-24-2. (You can buy any of these grills without its standard base post B2.)

INSTALLATION: Surface mount flanges on each frame leg. Anchor bolt kit #ANC3-4 for a concrete surface is included.

OPTIONAL: Cover Caps, two-part aluminum caps to cover frame foot flanges.  You will need (4) #CC-1 cover caps per Grill Station. The natural cast aluminum finish will match a hot dip galvanized frame finish. Or the caps will be powder coated to match the frame finish.  Click here to add Cover Caps to your Quote Cart.

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